When Sara Eaglewoman was quite young her family recognized that she had the gifts of intuitive vision and the ability to heal. She is known by many as the Urban Shaman, one who practices the ancient ways bringing them to life to heal and transform in today's world. She brings the gifts of the Eagle to the trenches of today's society and ones own personal life challenges.
Eaglewomans transformational healing work clears, moves and cleanses energies which are stagnant or blocked so that prosperity, abundance, health and happiness may reside. She lives in constant relation to and communication with the vastness of Spirit, bringing Creator's divine vision for your soul to manifestation on the earth plane. Through divine alchemy she realigns and redesigns your mental, physical, emotional and ethereal bodies going right to the core of where dis-ease originates, so that one may rapidly shift, heal and elevate, creating an expansion in your life beyond what ones linear mind can comprehend. Eaglewoman heals through the purest of hearts, living in, healing, discerning and teaching with her heart mind. Eaglewoman is an Alchemist of the soul.
Whether in Private Session, Ceremony or Workshop Eaglewoman is always Healing, Realigning and Teaching. Eaglewoman's work is continually evolving as divinely guided to meet the needs of, and to communicate effectively with, the peoples and communities of this new millennium. What she brings to humanity is the gift of liberation to the height of one's self.  She is the Eagle, the bringer of freedom and absolute pure love. The profoundness of her work is never compromised, this is her calling and daily practice. She walks this sacred path in beauty and grace with impeccable integrity and honor, answering only to the Highest Authority.

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In many of the ancient healing traditions a bird is a messenger between this world and the world of God. In the Vedic Tradition of India for example the bird is called in Sanskrit „khaga“, „that which can move through space unbound“. What does the eagle represent for the Apache and why is it considered sacred in your tradition?

The eagle is sacred not just with the Apache, but in many nations, because it represents liberation and freedom. Also the symbol of the eagle for us Native Americans is about the connection we have to the “Maker”, to the “Creator”. The eagle represents the messenger of the Creator, the Great Spirit.

How do you understand „healing“ and „health”?

The mind controls the body, which in-houses the spirit. What is important is a healthy spirit, a healthy soul. So I am considered a doctor of the soul, which means that i am doctoring the soul first and all the rest shall follow. When the soul is healthy, the body follows and the mind follows. But when the mind controls the body and the mind does not have a healthy thought process, then the soul can be entrapped in a diseased body.

What is the medicine of the Eagle?

The medicine of the Eagle is the medicine of the highest ancient ancestors. It could be from India, it could be from my tradition, the Apache, it could be from any heightened spiritual belief system that is filled with integrity and honor. The eagle flies the highest; it sits on top of the totem pole. Wherever you seek religion, spirituality, self-healing, you always want to go to the top of the totem pole.

Who can practice the medicine of the Eagle?

Anyone who can be open-minded. Mostly it is about having an open heart.

In order to be able to receive the medicine, it is about simply showing up, free from judgment and criticism, just allowing your soul to resonate with what is being taught. Eagle Medicine is a very powerful Shaman medicine to carry. All nationalities, all indigenous traditions recognize that if you carry Eagle medicine, it is of the highest order.

Thus said, the Eagle medicine should be a revered practice and should be respected in high regard. It should not be taken lightly and not be given to somebody that took a weekend course and then calls him- or herself a Shaman or a healer. You really have to go through initiation. And it is just like in our tradition, to become an Eagle medicine woman or man you must go through vigorous training, you must go through cleansing, purification and you must go through initiations.

When did you first connect with the eagle and how was the knowledge of healing transmitted to you?

When I was very young my mother noticed that I had the ability to see beyond the physical and communicate with the divine. So she sent me up in the mountain to learn from my uncle who is considered like a grandfather. He taught me many ways of nature, of animal guides, of spirit guardians. He taught me so much about the ways of the ancestors. And then I was initiated on the reservation of the Blackfoot nation by a medicine woman named Elsa who saw me in a dream and called me forth and said it is time for you to receive your medicine. I didn’t know what my name would be; I didn’t know what my responsibilities would be. She called my sister-in-law and myself. And so we went on the reservation of the Blackfoot nation and we were initiated. My sister in law carries Buffalo medicine, I carry Eagle medicine, which are both highly honored and revered medicines to carry.

Are the eagle feathers also used for healing and what are they symbolizing?

Eagle feathers are very sacred. If you have eagle feathers, you must be a native or indigenous healer in order for you to hold eagle feathers. They are used to heal, to remove negative spirits, to remove disease- of the spiritual body and also the physical mind-body. Many tribal members use them and dance with eagle feathers. And when you wear a headdress that is made of eagle feathers, that means that you are standing in your reverence of Creator’s will be done through you. And you have the awareness that you are truly representing the Creator, creation, in the flesh.

What about some of your apprentices that handle the eagle feathers?

They are given permission to handle the eagle feathers because when they are apprenticing me they become one with me and my medicine. They have earned the right to touch my eagle feathers as they have earned the right to stand side by side and to work with me. It takes an earnest, very pure hearted person to be an apprentice that is very respectful of the ways. That you can’t teach, that is something that is within you, but I can always bring out more and the best of an apprentice and their medicines.

In many traditions animals are seen as spirit guides. Can you explain what is a spirit animal?

Spirit animals are guardians that shape shift into spirit, into animals from the spirit world. As I have told about the eagle, the shaman, the medicine woman who gave me my name, first saw me in a dream as an eagle. I shape shifted into an eagle, to fly the highest, to bring forth great healing to many that would come and enter in my pathway. And my sister-in-law, Lily, she was given the medicine of the buffalo. And for her it meant that she would share her abundance with the community, with the tribes, unselfishly. Whatever was given to her, she would give always to others. The buffalo is prosperity, abundance. So I always like to envision that the eagle and the buffalo work together.   

How can we connect more strongly with the animal world and the spirit world and what was done traditionally to reconnect?

It is very important to create a sacred ceremony to invoke the spiritual animal guardians. And as you are dancing, as you are praying, you become one with your animal spirit guardian. You shape shift into that animal. In the totem pole it is important to recognize that each animal on the totem pole is very important and has great significance. The eagle is the one that oversees all and protects all, that sits on top of the totem pole, because it is connected to great spirit, which in turn will bring down an anchor and all blessings, in order to anchor heaven here on earth.

What can we learn from the eagle and what does it mean if we encounter eagles often in life?

The eagle means that you’ve been touched by a highly elevated consciousness, whether you call this consciousness God, universal or supreme consciousness. The eagle is of the highest pristine and will watch over you. It is as if God touches down on earth through the eagle.

Is there any message that you feel you want to share in the end?

If you come into the presence of an Eagle Medicine person then you know that you've been called forth to elevate, to receive great healing and blessings.

Thank you so much for the interview.