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It is not the genes, it is the environment that controls the genes. So you are not a victim, you are a master, because you are the one that can change the environment and you are the one that can change the belief. So that is different because the common medical story makes you a victim. The new epigenetics story makes you a master because it says you can change everything. Only one percent of illness is actually really related to genes. 99 percent  comes from lifestyle. And that becomes very critical because we kept blaming all of our health issues on a body that breaks down when in fact the health issues are not because of the body's fault. It is because of the mind’s fault.

This is why it's necessary for people to understand epigenetics and the moment you change your mind you change your genetics. There is this response study. They were looking at genes associated with inflammation and they found that eight hours of meditation can change two of the fundamental genes that control inflammation. Eight hours of meditation can change gene activity!